Dear Teachers,

The district has been provided thestate mandated assessment data to schools in hard copies, which is quite costly and also consume man labor.
This year, the district decides to go green by providing such data via web access, where the teachers can access the information anytime and
anywhere that internet is available. Teachers can conveniently review their student performance in science, English Language Arts and Math
in order to better prepare their lesson meeting the needs of each student. The current web data is the PARCC data of 2015-16 school year with
their teachers’ of the same year. There will be update in October so the current school year teachers will be able to access the 2015-16
PARCC and SBA Science data of the three subjects of their students.

Suchint Sarangarm, Ph.D.
Associate Superintendent for Data Analysis and Assessment
Email: sarangarms@hobbsschools.net
Ext: Ext 3014